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Our Hold-Me-Close Baby Wrap is a baby carrier that uses a long piece of fabric to secure your baby to your body.  The fabric is made from a blend of cotton (95%) and spandex (5%), giving it the perfect amount of stretch with the breathability of cotton to ensure your baby is both safe and comfortable while attached to you.  The wrap itself is 5.2 meters long and 0.54 meters wide, and there are no buckles, belts or clasps needed.  

With our easy to follow instructions and guidelines, within no time you will have the carrier wrapped around your body, ready to fit your baby in snug and close to you, safe and comfortable, while you have your hands free to get on with what needs doing.  Your babies weight will be evenly distributed over your back and shoulders, minimising the stress on your back and muscles.

The Wrap is suitable for babies from birth to 10kgs.   

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